Bambu Lab Says Self-Repaired A1s in the EU Must Be Certified Before Use

After last week’s cheerier announcement that heatbed assemblies were beginning to ship, Bambu Lab has issued another message concerning regulatory standards.


Bambu Lab announced late last week that A1 owners in “Europe” will have to get their self-repaired 3D printers certified to EU EN50678 standard before powering the device on for the first time.

The step, detailed in social media posts, has received a mixed reaction, with some welcoming the transparency and others criticizing based on the “deviation” and further questions this new, previously unmentioned step, raises. The company has said it will cover the costs and provide support, inviting users in doubt to contact them, but that’s about as much as we currently know.

With requests out to Bambu Lab and other organizations privy to electronics standards and certifications, we’ll follow up on this soon. Stay tuned.

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